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Universal Suffrage - The Right To Vote

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barry1010 | 11:17 Thu 08th Feb 2024 | Politics
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I am asking specifically about general elections.  The majority of British citizens aged 18 and over have the right to vote.

Should this change?  Should more people be excluded, such as those who have chosen to live overseas, ex-prisoners who have committed certain crimes (those convicted of election fraud already cannot vote)?  Maybe you believe only homeowners should vote.  Should the age be raised back to 21?

Should more people be allowed to vote?  Those aged 16+?  Perhaps no adult should be barred from voting.

Should voting be compulsory, with the right to vote for 'none'?

I'm interested in your opinions.  Everyone is aware of the women fighting for the right to vote, which was granted in 1928 but it was only in 1918 that all men over 21 had the vote.




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Democracy is also choice to kill or not? You're on a loser if you try to claim that parliament should not be allowed to pass a law requiring people to vote.

How long before those non-contributing citizens, denied the right to vote – find themselves earmarked for euthanasia?

australia is not a democracy then toratoratora? it is much less democratic to take people's rights away based on how much tax they pay as you would like.

you don't agree with compulsory voting because you're a tory and want your party to stay in charge and that's easier if fewer people vote... likewise the idea that people in receipt of benefits for any reason (though conveniently not pensions lol) have no ideas worth listening to is patently absurd but taking their rights away would help the tories...

What is so special about the age of 21?  Do you miraculously become mature.  Maturity is not just about age.  Some people never reach maturity.  

I don't think their should be any changes.  Just tighten up the procedure of ensuring no fraud takes place.

Well said, CL.

The reason I say the age should be changed to 21 is that  18 year olds are still in education and have scant experience of life.   My opinions have changed enormously since I was 18 because since then I've grown up. 

My political opinions haven't changed much since I was 18, I still want the same priorities because of my moral stance. What has changed is my realisation that no existing party represents what I believe to be correct.  They all seem awful and ought not be encouraged.

Compulsory voting is clearly wrong.  Firstly because you should not be forced to support/encourage some inadequate career politician that you have no interest on supporting, and secondly the State has no right to force individual citizens to go spoil their vote just so those in charge get a big ego boost imposing their will on others, forcing them to do as demanded of them against their will. The whole thing stinks to high heaven and any nation that has it should hang their head in shame.

My moral stance hasn't changed - just the realisation that the people I was taught held the same principles - don't. 

i don't think there is a huge amount of difference between 18 and 21 for the purposes of voting

Question Author

Thanks all, not as many radical or extreme suggestions as I expected, interesting all the same 

"18 year olds are still in education and have scant experience of life."

Some 'more mature' have scant experience of REAL life.

Who would that be then, douglas?

Question Author

douglas, everyone is living a 'real' life, it might be different to yours but it is still 'real'.

Some people have a habit of making up what they don't know, barry.

Jings, is there a mods strategy breakfast meeting this morning?

I dispute that the age needs to be raised to 21 as a young person can be in full time education or training up to 18 so they are gaining life experience.

Also just look at some of the people on here there are many 18 years olds with more experience than some of the 30 and 50 year olds on here!

Leave it as it is and tighten up to stop and (if there is any) fraud.

I won't ever vote again. I doubt it makes very much difference who is in government under our current system. 

They come with a lot of ideas (ideals?), they generally cock things up, then people get fed up with them and vote in the other lot again.

Rinse & repeat. 

Question Author

The problem is that the government and opposition can make all sorts of proposals and promises in the run up to elections but aren't obliged to put them in to practice if they win. 

So people vote for A because they promise the moon and very quickly get disillusioned and dissatisfied. 

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Universal Suffrage - The Right To Vote

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