The Uk Government's Push To Revive Imperial Measurements Is "Utter Nonsense" Says Tory Peer.

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Canary42 | 19:14 Fri 03rd Jun 2022 | Politics
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Oh dear, another split in the Nasty Party.


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The BBC auto subtitler could have a go at 'Nasty Party'.
Nothing to see here. Some things are still quoted in imperial... miles on motorways, my grandchildren weighed in pounds and ounces all in last few years. It's just an option for traders...
How on earth can you revive something that has never gone away. ?
Speed limits, distances, weights still all in Imperial and you can go into a builders merchants and buy 2 metre planks described as 6 by 2's and that's 6 inches by 2 inches!
Concentrating on the big issues affecting the country.
I can only assume Boris's bathroom digital scale broke and left him with only pounds, and that's when he had this light bulb moment.
I know my height and weight in imperial. I can never remember it if asked for it in metric.
Still buy a pint in the pub; cars still advertise miles per gallon; my shoes are still a size 12 and my trousers are a size 34". My butcher serves me 2lb of minced beef and the grocer serves me 1lb cheese.
Yeah, but having a butcher and a grocer suggests you're in the 1950s.
How do equate one man's opinion with a split?
douglas, it suggests I shop local, avoid pre-packaged food and support British farming.

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The Uk Government's Push To Revive Imperial Measurements Is "Utter Nonsense" Says Tory Peer.

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