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U K And Russia

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Canary42 | 16:01 Thu 24th Feb 2022 | Politics
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In March 2018 Jeremy Corbyn stated in parliament that the UK should clamp down on the dodgy Russian £billions flowing into the City of London.

Corbyn's comments were met with a chorus of derision from the Westminster establishment class and the UK media, with the BBC's Laura Kuenssberg conducting the chorus of hate.

In the four years since March 2018:-

* The dodgy Russian £billions have continued flowing into the City of London.

* Russian oligarchs and Putin-linked cronies have pumped hundreds of thousands of pounds more, directly into Tory party coffers.

* The Russian-bankrolled Tories won the 2019 General Election, and Corbyn's threat of sanctions on dodgy Russian money was removed.

* The Tory government continued allowing hundreds more Russians, many with unexplained wealth, to buy themselves British passports at £2 million a pop (700 since 2010).

* Boris Johnson handed a lifetime position in the unelected House of Lords to his Russian chum Evgeny Lebedev.

* The Tory government also continued granting arms export licences for UK arms manufacturers to flog weapons to Putin's Russia!

And despite all of this, the UK media continue turning a blind eye to all of Johnson's dodgy Russian links, and the Russian bankrolling of the Tories, while relentlessly portraying Corbyn (the guy who called for sanctions on Russia back in 2018) as the "Russian stooge"!

Yet the guy with all kinds of dodgy links, leading a party that's bankrolled by Russian cash, who has refused to clamp down on all the dodgy Russians and their cash flowing into the UK, is just some kind of adorable and entirely innocent buffoon!

The saddest thing of all about Johnson is that millions upon millions of ordinary British people have been duped by this devious liar and his propaganda.


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another 5C love in!
Should they give it back?
here we are facing Russian aggression on a democratic European state and our own leading 5Cers are attacking there own side! Was it ever so eh?
Their own side, eh?

I think the point is that some of the Tories, including Boris, have been on the Russians' side, and vice versa. And now it may be a tad slow and difficult to unwind from that position. Only three oligarchs sanctioned, for example ...
But rich coming from the lunatic whos spokesman tried to deny the involvement of the Kremlin in Salisbury
yes, the London money laundromat has been scrubbing roubles clean for far too long. They should have clamped down on it after the "annexation" of the Crimea.
^^^ right on cue, another leading light in the 5C movement! PMSL!
Jeremy Corbyn
If only we had listened to him.

Of course we have been very slow to act on this. Corbyn is not a Russian stooge: but he’s a serial protester.
Wealth he hates and also weapons especially it seems our own.
God alone knows where we’d be if he was PM today
And your question is -

Answerbank not vitriolic diatribe bank
TTT, care to explain why all the, er, barrage of sanctions now being put into place shouldn't have been imposed in 2014?

The invasion isn't a sudden brainwave by a madman. Russia have been planning it for years. Taking over the Crimea tested the West's response. There wasn't one. Nor was there any upset over the cyber attack on Ukraine's power grid.

Is it any wonder he thinks he can get away with it?
I trust Jeremy Corbyn much more than I trust Boris Johnson. I do not dislike either of them but neither of them is suitable to hold the post of Prime Minister.

We need to stand up to Putin and tell him that his behaviour is totally unacceptable, had we done that when Corbyn was around then maybe this situation with Ukraine may not have happened.

I am totally amazed that any human being in 2022 thinks that war, invasions, killing, and all the nastiness that comes with it are acceptable behaviour. Actually, I am not amazed - I am horrified and saddened.

"Man's inhumanity to man
Makes countless thousands mourn!"
Rabbie Burns

A shame the OP mentioned Corbyn at all. It just gives a convenient escape route for those who would rather discuss that old has-been than corruption in the seat of power ...
Have the management no idea how to control the outpourings of the latter-day Lord HawHaw and his endless, knee-jerk propaganda phrases?

An international crisis deserves more than the braying of a pub bore.
“ We need to stand up to Putin and tell him that his behaviour is totally unacceptable, had we done that when Corbyn was around then maybe this situation with Ukraine may not have happened. ”

You do not, seriously, in your wildest dreams, think that telling Putin his behaviour was unacceptable, would have made the slightest difference?!
That’s exactly what we HAVE been doing for years. It’s right to call out the dodgy money and hopefully we will be able to recover the Russian people’s stolen money in due course
But the only thing, as we now know, that might have halted him, would have been military protection for Ukraine.
And I don’t see in what way Jeremy Corbyn would have been pushing for that.
Do you?
-- answer removed --
jno : "Taking over the Crimea tested the West's response. There wasn't one."

"In 2014, the EU-Russia summit was cancelled and EU member states decided not to hold regular bilateral summits with Russia. Bilateral talks with Russia on visa matters, as well as on the new agreement between the EU and Russia, were suspended.

Instead of the G8 summit in Sochi, a G7 meeting was held - without Russia - in Brussels on 4-5 June 2014. Since then, meetings have continued within the G7 process.

EU countries also supported the suspension of negotiations over Russia's joining the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and the International Energy Agency (IEA)."

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U K And Russia

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