Will He Ever Perform Like An Pm

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teacake44 | 09:56 Sun 14th Jun 2020 | Politics
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Andrew Marr was interviewing Richy Sunak this morning on the in's and outs of the economy, and Mr Sunak came across impeccable. But is it really fair that he should also sit there and have to answer all the questions that Mr Blobby should be answering too. Come out the fridge Boris, and stop leaving it to everyone else to face the music.


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I suppose he could have suggested that he do it himself rather than the bumbling honey monster make any more of a shambles of whatever he's involved in.
yeah stop stuffing cream buns into your face
you fat bustard
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I think we would be better off with Sunak being PM, not only has he got brains, but his dress code says a lot, unlike Mr blobby, he looks like a tied up bag of spuds and best.
You know, this body shaming does no-one any favours and make you all seem like petty a-holes. Criticize him on his actions, not his appearance.
Mr Blobby, Honey Monster, Fat Bustard. Is that the best you can do to criticise the PM?
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(Criticise him on his actions) I have. but sloppy dressing most times= sloppy actions, if you can't be bothered with yourself......
Direct hits attract return fire.
Oh do shut up teacake, you're embarrassing yourself and belittling your argument with statements like that.

I was pathetic when Cameron used to deflect difficult questions from Labour by criticizing Corbyn's dress sense, and it's equally pathetic now.

It rather looks like you have no complaint with him politically, so you're attacking from a different angle. Believe me, there are plenty of criticisms available from his actions, so many in fact, that it makes personal insults and slights against his appearance unnecessary.
As Rishi Sunak is Chancellor, I would have thought that he should be answering questions on the economy.
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It sounds like its embarrassing you, not me, and no, I won't shut up! My criticism is that he's leaving everyone else to be questioned face to face, while he hides away, and he's done this even in the GE. May be when the shops open in the morning he will send someone out to get him a new shirt, one from Primark will do. If he can't be a leader, at least look like one.
Yes, you do embarrass me, as do your fellow irrational lefties. It embarrasses me to be a left winger, that people will lump me in the same bracket as you and yours, putting the loony in loony left.
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@12.14 I think you may have got confused. Sunak did answer his own questions ( very well) on the economy, but was then left holding the baby with all the questions Blobby should face up to.
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Mozz, never mind you'll get past it sometime today.
Mozz , TC voted him in I believe :0)
Boris Johnson, as Prime minister delegates, as he should. There's a lot of truth in the old saying, you don't bark yourself if you have a dog. Isn't it normal practice for every Prime Minister to delegate? Only his critics see it as dereliction of duty.
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Delegate yes for sure, evade, no. I've seen and heard more from the Queen this year. :0)

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Will He Ever Perform Like An Pm

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