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teacake44 | 10:13 Mon 01st Jun 2020 | Politics
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For every (one) person they now test, they are counting it as two, one swob up the nose, and one too the back of the mouth =two tests, this is so they can say they have reached the 200.000 tests per day, what the hell is this government playing at? Should they continue to lie to the public in this way you will see breakdown in law and order sooner or later. So the US rioting started off with a murder, but the real issue is their government handling of the virus and the loss of thousands of jobs and a spineless Trump who's not got a clue, very much like Boris. The virus is winning with global breakdown of law and order. 81% of the public now say Cummings broke the rules so if Boris tries another lockdown it won't work, and that is when the problems will start in the UK.


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I don't know that the real US issue is the virus at all. Black people get quite annoyed at being killed.

Interesting about the double testing. Do other countries count the same way?
As long as any demonstrators are socially distancing,i see no problem.However what i saw at the demonstrations in London and Manchester at the weekend the demonstrators werent giving a damn about the current rules.
We are not allowed to use the term"black"anymore,Jno.It is "people of colour"nowadays.I thought you would have known that.
//For every (one) person they now test, they are counting it as two, one swob up the nose, and one too the back of the mouth =two tests, this is so they can say they have reached the 200.000 tests per day//

That doesn't make sense. If they're using two swabs on one person, they may as well use two swabs on two people and get the result they aim for. Do you have a link to this?
Interesting comment about not using the word “black”. That’s what I thought but it was being used on Radio 2 bulletins this morning.
I think the term 'black' is perfectly acceptable. 'Black lives matter' ... and all that.
Radio 2 being racist,They will be getting shut down next.

"Tens of thousands of coronavirus tests have been counted twice in the government’s official tally, public health officials have admitted. Diagnostic tests which involve taking saliva and nasal samples from the same person are being recorded as two tests, not one, the Department of Health (DoH) and Public Health England (PHE) said."

Do ypou have link Teacake?.If they are taking swabs from two places then surely that is two tests.They are not saying that 200,000 people were tested.
usual there a link?
Wasnt there a big row not long ago about the preferred term,Naomi.A couple of people got suspended from their jobs for using the term"coloured",when they should have been using the term"people of colour"instead.
Good point, danny.
Thanks for the link Gness - typical of this government to cheat on the testing in order to claim to reach its 200,000 target by end of May.
sorry, I see that there is....its only some of the tests that have been counted in this way so 1000 hasn't magically turned into 2000. as for the rest of the old same old.
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Piers Morgan this morning, so no link, love him or hate him he always digs up the true facts.
I also know that people have been given a negative result despite the sample never having been collected. I presume that it added to the statistics as well.
ynnafymmi , I don’t know. Was there? I think ‘people of colour’ is also acceptable, whereas ‘coloured’ is not. No surprise we lose track!
I'm more interested in how many people were tested than how many tests were done. What we really want to know is the results of the tests, things like:

p people were tested
q currently had coronavirus
r had the antibodies
s neither currently had coronavirus nor had the antibodies
so where is the lie?
I agree with Ellipsis. I may be naive, but I assumed 1 test = 1 person (though I realise many carers etc will be tested more than once).

Hence my question: for comparison purposes, do other countries count the same way?

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