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gulliver1 | 19:25 Sun 31st May 2020 | Politics
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Will the Tories ever get back in power, in say the next twenty years,after they lose the next General Election . That is if they last that long . They have not performed very well up till now. Gross Mishandling of The Covid Situation . Then the Cummings Saga.They will no doubt make a Balls up of the Brexit Deal. If they can do that much damage when their Term of Office is only a few months old , what the heck can we expect for the remainder if their Term .


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This isn't a News item.

This is another one of your tedious, interminable 'supposition posts'.....simply designed to wind people up.

I think you mean labour don't you?
How long will you sulk after the 2024 election gully?
what you should be asking is: How are labour going to find their next PM? Steer Calmer will get forced out after losing in 2024.
Gulliver, they have no competition at all at the moment. We need a total reboot of politics really, to get a genuine choice. I am not naturally either way, but even I can see the Tories have been the only valid offering for many years now.
gulliver - // Will the Tories ever get back in power, in say the next twenty years,after they lose the next General Election . //

If I knew the answer to that, one of my secretaries would by typing this from my private island in the Bahamas.
labour are basically woke and antifa, to radical to run a country.
libdums and greens are all over the place..
Fender, your English is shocking!
Did you ever go to school?
Your politics are even worse.
Why would they lose the next election ? Other parties now have the stigma of showing they don't give a guano about the public's democratic opinion, and that will stain their reputation for decades to come.

Meanwhile this government has got us out of the clutches of European federal control. Might even get a deal, but no-deal will be fine.

Whilst with hindsight they haven't performed perfectly regarding the pandemic, they are seen to be doing as well as should be expected when tackling an unknown situation.

The biggest problem is how the country is ever going to trust a social left wing party in power again. We may be doomed to permanent right wing politics (as seemed the case under Tony Blair).

I think your question isn't valid, it's set on a quagmire foundation of wishful thinking.
fender: "labour are basically woke" - well I know I'm no expert here but I thought woke meant: "alert to injustice in society, especially racism." ......mmmm!
Sometimes you only have to read the first sentence of a thread to know that it's been written by one of Gulldiddycake.
OG, yep, the only way Labour can win is by becoming Tory lite, as demonstrated by St Tony. The last real Labour outfit was led by Calagas who got his April kicked by TGL in 1979.
the last time real Labour won an election was 1974. Still gully, love your optimism!
anyway Gully why do you care so much you live in Spain, allegedly !
........all gone quiet in the Village! PMSL!
It has been an inauspicious start to this Government, to say the least. But who knows what will happen in the next few years?
these are unusual times and maybe the government could have done things differently jim but rest assured there will never be another Socialist government. (new) Labour, grasped that, with Cob etc they seem to have forgotten that real labour have not won an election since 1974 and in order to win they must move away from their loony fringe.
Gully meant this as a gloat post but he has in fact enabled us to highlight the extremely low probability that labour will win in 2024 and indeed 2029.
//It has been an inauspicious start to this Government, to say the least.//

No watsit Sherlock......I think that you may find that every, Yes Every, Government in the World has had a hard time of it this year. Every Democratically elected one that is. China for instance has no such "loss of confidence" in its officials. Or Russia, or North Korea. If only I could work out why I could call myself a scientist.
Please can someone tell me why lip service is paid to this obsessed person?

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