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With a potential General Election on the table, how would you vote?

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AB Editor | 14:22 Fri 06th Sep 2019 | Politics
57 Answers

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  • Conservative - 152 votes
  • 45%
  • Liberal Democrat - 55 votes
  • 16%
  • Brexit Party - 51 votes
  • 15%
  • Labour - 30 votes
  • 9%
  • Green Party - 14 votes
  • 4%
  • Other, I will say below. - 13 votes
  • 4%
  • SNP - 12 votes
  • 4%
  • The Independent Group for Change - 5 votes
  • 1%
  • Sinn Féin - 2 votes
  • 1%
  • DUP - 1 vote
  • 0%
  • Plaid Cymru - 1 vote
  • 0%

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There is little point in voting, as it will be ignored if we give the wrong answer. But I would go with Boris and see what he can do.

I will most likely vote Tory, unless they give me a good reason not to, to be fair they're all a shambles atm.
Conservative. I was Lib Dem voter but that's not an option now. So conservative it will be. Personsally, and Brexit aside I think Boris would make a good PM if he ever gets a chance.
I'm afraid my response to this question would result in some very bad language, so I shall abstain from answering.
Oh just tell us who the **** you'd vote for you ******* *****-*** ********

I won't vote because a Tory will win here & to vote any other way won't count & would be a waste of shoe leather.
Same here, tbh, Dave. We need to change the voting system, as everyone seems to vote tactically here. Which shows nothing about what individuals actually want.
Is The Change Party still going?
Sinn Fein shouldn't be on the list, imo.
Why is The Brexit Party on the bottom of the list when they smashed the last national election?
"Why is The Brexit Party on the bottom of the list "

Presumably because they don't have any MPs - no history in a GE.
I honestly can't say, as yet. I live in a very solid Tory constituency- majority of about 20K - and my MP is a Brexiter (but voted for May's W/A at 3rd time of asking so I wrote to him withdrawing my support). It depends on the timing of the vote. Before 31/10 and I will vote for the Brexit Party to remind the Tories that Nemesis lurks if they don't pull together to Leave. After 31/10 - if we have left cleanly - I will probably vote Tory. So I can't, in all honesty, answer this poll at the moment.
One really needs to know who is standing. With only the Tories and the Brexit party officially in favour of democracy and the national interest, as other considerations pale into insignificance, one of those. If both Tories and Brexit party stand in my area then the cabinet minister has a fair old majority and I don't think at this point I should help whittle it down. But if, due to a pact, the Tories opt out and Brexit is the only official leave party then I'd vote for them again. Can't choose two options on the poll though.
If this were moved to News rather than being in the Politics sub-category, there would be more responses.
"Sinn Fein shouldn't be on the list, imo."

They already have MPs and folk will vote for their candidates again.
Alliance Party missing :-)
If you’re going to do NI parties ...
I meant as they(SF) don't take their seats, Corby.
Is it not the equivalent of a spoilt ballot?
I mentioned them and the UUP when the ED asked which parties to include or exclude. The option of "other" would include any party not named in the options.
The Sinn Féin/IRA MPs receive no salary but claim expenses still.

They would argue they are representing their constituents and there may be some on here who would vote for them.
//They would argue they are representing their constituents//

Then, clearly, they would be wrong. (re. major decisions in Parliament anyway. I'm surprised they don't get payed. Must have been a rare outbreak of common sense)
I can't see why they get expenses. They are not receiving a salary as an MP so why do they receive expenses for staff, office etc as all other MPs do?

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With a potential General Election on the table, how would you vote?

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