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The Great Reset- Own Nothing And Be Happy

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ukanonymous | 02:10 Tue 02nd Feb 2021 | Current Affairs
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This is not a conspiracy theory this is what has been shown to us from the World Economic Forum have given us a video;source=web&rct=j&url= . Also if you think that is a conspiracy for what ever reason then you can just look at and it details exactly whaT is being aimed for. It is quite litterally like a dystopia future worse than China but in less than 30 years. I was shocked by this as we were thinking of having kids soon.
My questions are this however. Not everyone will comply with the rules when this future arrives im am 100% sure the elite are making this happen so them and their kids have to comply with it. So how to be in a position where these things will not happen to you? I dont think its wealth because these days everyone with half a brain is making tonnes of monies.

Now my next point will make some people start the conspiracy accusations. The response to covid is is so out of proportion they are using it to fast forward their agenda. Yes there is a killer virus that kills a small % of people who get it (on the uk government website they recently said the death rate was much much lower than anticipated). There is also a book;source=web&rct=j&url= which also kind of highlights the hijacking of covid for this.

So. Its all in plain site they are litterally telling you what will happen to your kids at least. How to stop it as to me it sounds frightening.


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We're doooooomed!
Or all bonkers.
Question Author
You see UMMMM there is evidence they are 100% doing what I just said. They are open about it and its no secret. So you would be happy living in a place worse than China?
Well, looks like we’re screwed. Anyone who believes the predictions to be true and brings children into the world would be crazzeeey.
That bit where it says "checks and balances that underpin our democracies must not be forgotten" is really scary, isn't it? The stuff of real conspiracies!
If you're gullible enough to believe all this nonsense, then yes, probably best not to have kids.
How do they organise all this? Do they have a Bond villain type lair somewhere, or just Zoom meetings? It's surprising none of the minutes have been leaked yet.

Also, you have to wonder why they're bothering. I mean the elite are already elite right? How much more elite do they think this will make them I wonder.
And what are they going to spend their ill-gotten gains on if there's nothing to own?

And, if there's no money, no property and no prospect of upward mobility, who is going to get out of bed in the morning to keep these gods who walk among us in the style to which they've grown accustomed?

There's a chance that the 'problem' has been overstated.
Question Author
Tomus I think its because us riff raff are consuming too much of the world resources. So they are either doing because of that or because they thrive on power and control and are genuinely satanists. Its like some crazy fundamental religious types want one religion to dominate the world. It could be a similar mindset....
That's it, you've cracked the problem.

Well done you.
Question Author
Well Dougy do you have any better ideas why they are planning this for our future? Or are they telling us they are going to do it for the likes?
First of all I'd have to believe the garbled tripe you're posting and second, get some proper rest.
I am a conspiracy theorist - long before covid...

I do however believe covid is REAL...

But yes that the powers that be may use the pandemic to their advantage somehow
Dammit chaps, they're on to us.

Break for the border and rendezvous at The Lair Of Evil to formulate further plans.

This message will self destruct.

I'm just interested in the practicalities of the organisation. I've been on projects at work, and getting ten people to agree on anything can be a nightmare.

That's just a bunch of IT types trying to develop a small piece of software. When you're a cabal of elite satanists intent on transforming the world into a grim dystopia for your own nefarious purposes, the challenges for project management must be even greater.
Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose
Good analogy Barry!
H.G. Wells open conspiracy! What's the point of a conspiracy if it remains hidden?
Barry is obviously brilliant with words.

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The Great Reset- Own Nothing And Be Happy

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