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Racism Bbc2

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spathiphyllum | 12:45 Mon 15th Apr 2019 | Current Affairs
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A very interesting point of view i wish to share regarding Tommy Robinson - Paedophilia - Grooming gangs - Muslims.

Is pro racism OK?


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I can't watch the video. What is it about?
Question Author
The video is Afua Hirsch sharing her opinion on the subjects highlighted in the OP, TR, Paedophilia, Muslims etc.. It's a very interesting listen.

Can be found here in full.
Question Author
Naomi the video is about how "pro racism" is completely normalised.
I couldn't agree more with everything said there. Social Media and it's monetisation possibilities is everywhere and it's altering our society completely.
The idea also that everyone is 'entitled' to their opinion- well yeah they are- to a degree- but equally I then should not have to worry about voicing my opinion to them- and so I don't. The normalisation of opinions expressed by the likes of Tommy Robinson can be seen right here on this site and all through society and it's damaging.
But why is whoever is saying that saying it?
Question Author
Naomi, to help some people open their eyes.
She is saying it,,,,,,,,, because it’s true ?
//Is pro racism OK?//
Do you really have to ask? Of course not.
Question Author
Danny you'll see pro racism on AB and people acting like it's absolutely fine or simply not recognising it. Also examples have been given on the programme, some people certainly feel pro racism is OK, or they simply don't notice it.
What she is saying is, that instead of saying 'we won't have that nasty racist on our show, he mongers hate and that's unacceptable'- some shows are indeed having hateful racists on just so that there is confrontation because people like car crash TV and that that behaviour is normalising a previously abnormal viewpoint.
Spath you asked if it was OK and I answered you.
Question Author
I was just responding to "Do you really have to ask? "

Apparently, yes i do :/
//Naomi the video is about how "pro racism" is completely normalised. //

Doesn't that depend upon where you're coming from? If I get time to have a look at the programme later I will.
In one or two towns?

That statement in itself makes me think she has said enough and I don't want to hear any more.

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Racism Bbc2

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