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Senator Fraser Anning

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spathiphyllum | 13:15 Thu 21st Mar 2019 | Current Affairs
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Did he not get in trouble for punching (repeatedly) that kid in the face? On camera? I get one punch.. maybe that's OK, but then to go at him again? What a twisted man.


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If a stranger smashed an egg on my head I would assume he wants trouble... I wouldn't dissapoint.
Whatever his reasons I have no sympathy.
Question Author
There is self defence, and retaliation, and then going above and beyond necessary defence

Warped twisted man. Deserves some punishment for what he did, as does the kid.
Still being investigated.
Question Author
Those who aggressively attacked the boy as if he had a bomb on him also should be reprimanded
Bomb, gun, knife. How the hell are security meant to know what he had, smarty?
Question Author
Because it was all over the Senators stupid bald head?
Question Author
Maybe if they act like that as or before he committed the assault, but after, well done mate the eggs already cracked.
and his defence is the right of freedom of expression ?

Prescott did this
and when questioned years later - William Hague commented - ah yes the election of 2001 - at least I got thro it without hitting anyone

Macron went off his trolley when a teenager addressed him as Emou ( short for Emmanuel - Some Abers will wish to know that this is his christian name) - and demanded respect for the war dead
but didnt hit him

@ 12:25, how else should they treat him, how would they know what else he has concealed about his person?
The trick is to immobilise the aggressor before they can do any more harm.
as a deterrent I think it will work

( revolting teenager wont try it again - well OK he an australian)
Yup, egg with supplementary Novichok, who knows?

In defence of the eggist, the senator seems like a complete knob, at least according to reports.
Video of the 'egging' about half way thru this (If anyone's interested)
Question Author
As i said, one hit, fair.. Two? He becomes an instigator for further violence. In my opinion, that should revoke him from his senators badge or what not. Especially as it was all caught live on TV. He could have got on with what he was saying, but no. How unprofessional. If that happened in an office, or in a school, both parties would be removed permanently. So why not a government? Pathetic. Awful.
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Imagine a head school teacher in modern times, doing an assembly, and on one of the year 11's last days, they decided to egg the head teacher. Imagine if the head teacher responded by hitting the child, in the face, not once, but twice, then had to be pulled off the child by other teachers?

He'd get arrested. Straight away. The pupil would be expelled.
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So there is a social media wave of girlfriends cracking eggs over the heads of their boyfriends. Ironically, even though they're the same or very similar age, no one has punched anyone in the face over it.

Shame a senator feels different, especially when it comes to punching a child in the face, twice, then having to be pulled off of him by two grown men, even though after punching the child, he didn't retaliate.
Question Author

I hate this man, what a grim human. I wish he was unable to go out into public without people egging him. Child abuser.

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Senator Fraser Anning

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