am i even here

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booboo67 | 05:11 Wed 17th Jun 2009 | Music
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i've asked aq.....twice but it seems it cant br ansered


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Define "here"
define "br ansered".
Hmmm you seem to be more there then here...............What was your original question?




don't bully him.....
Who?? What 4?? I dont know.
he's obviously not 'smarter than the average'....
Its not hard to ask a question that every1 will understand tho is it?? How ya doin Craft??
not bad thanks LFC....just a bit bored as the weather is crap......have to take dog to vets soon which will be great (not) as he always p!sses all over the floor there....
Who, the dog or the vet?
Sounds like you have a fun afternoon 2 look forward 2 lols
lol squarebear.....the vet tries to sidle out of the back door when he sees us walking through the front....
Are you even here?

I don't know, but you're certainly not all there!

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am i even here

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