Songs played at England game (Wembley Stadium) last night

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SurreyGuy | 14:46 Thu 13th Sep 2007 | Music
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I would like to find out the titles of a couple of songs that were played last night before the England v Russia game.

The first one had a guy on vocals and had the lyrics, "And..........And.........I wish I knew you before".

The second one had a girl on vocals and had the lyrics, "Catch me when I fall coz I won't come back.......".



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The guy who sang the first one was a girl! Amy MacDonald - Mr rock n Roll. Sounds a bit like Paolo Nintini I suppose
Sure it's not a guy? Newton Faulkner-sings Dream Catcher- lyric includes "Catch me when I fall or else I won't come back at all"
is this itCatch me when I fall else I wont come back
here's amy macdonald
heres amy
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Thanks folks.

Unfortunatley, I can't get any sound on YouTube, but I listened to both tracks on iTunes. They dobn't sound as "ooh I really like that" (especially Newton Faulkner's one!) as they did t'other night. Plus, I'm sure that the gender of the singers were as I posted in my question - so perhaps my hearing is going with age! :o)

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Songs played at England game (Wembley Stadium) last night

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