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Music quiz part 3 (very difficult)

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Joe_the_Lion | 17:24 Thu 29th Mar 2007 | Music
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1) Who are Nanker Phelge?

2) What's the biggest selling single penned by a Beach Boy?

3) Who say "if" in 1975?

4) Who sang the first lines in Lou Reeds BBC charity version of "Perfect Day"

5) What song did David Bowie sing solo on "Merrie Olde Christmas with Bing Crosby?

6) Name the lead singer of Ash?

7) Name the band formed from Robert Palmer and some of Duran Duran?

8) What university was Billy Idol expelled from?

9) How did Elliot Smith die?

10) Name the woman in The Pixies?


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Question Author
No, not California Girls
I get around? Pennywise covered that and im sure a few others probably have"!
Question Author
They have may of covered it, but do you really thing Pennywises "I Get Around" was more successful than The Beach Boys original? Or Van Halen's California Girls come to that!!!

I will give you a clue. The song was NEVER sung by The Beach Boys.
Admittedly, this required a bit of Googling, but is it, rather appropriately, I Write the Songs, written by Bruce Johnstone (not one of the original Beach Boys, which is what threw me)?
Question Author
Well done Roberto. Did I mention the word "original"?
who knows but you said best selling, so I figured combined sales. Went for the ones that I knew had been covered, refuses to google schmoogle for the answer.

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Music quiz part 3 (very difficult)

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