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Music quiz part 3 (very difficult)

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Joe_the_Lion | 17:24 Thu 29th Mar 2007 | Music
26 Answers
1) Who are Nanker Phelge?

2) What's the biggest selling single penned by a Beach Boy?

3) Who say "if" in 1975?

4) Who sang the first lines in Lou Reeds BBC charity version of "Perfect Day"

5) What song did David Bowie sing solo on "Merrie Olde Christmas with Bing Crosby?

6) Name the lead singer of Ash?

7) Name the band formed from Robert Palmer and some of Duran Duran?

8) What university was Billy Idol expelled from?

9) How did Elliot Smith die?

10) Name the woman in The Pixies?


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4 = Lou Reed
6 = Tim Wheeler?
oh, sorry just seen another one I think I know

5 = Little Drummer Boy?

Right, I'll let someone else have a go now!
he stabbed himself in the heart
10 = kim deal
Question Author
All correct apart from Littlle Drummer Boy. That was a duet.
No. 3. Telly Savalas
No. 5 "Heroes"
That'll teach me to read the question!
is 2) "Good Vibrations"?
Nanker Phlege - is that what Mick Jagger and Keith Richards called themselves before they were the Rolling Stones?
Question Author
All correct apart from Good Vibrations.

Naker Phelge was the name used by whole of the Stones when the wrote early songs instead of just Jagger/Richards
The Beach Boys song - is it one they wrote but it was a bigger hit for someone else?

Not that it would help me with the answer 'cos I'm afraid my BB trivia begins and ends with "Good Vibrations"!
8) Sussex uni
Question Author
Indeed "penned" by a Beach Boy. Not a Beach Boys song.
No. 7 - the Power Station

Re: Beach Boys song - mmm - glad I was on the right track but still have no idea!
Question Author
Just three unanswered from 30 questions and two are Beach Boys ones!!!! Perhaps they are not as popular as I thought!
I thought 2. might be 'Kokomo' from the film Cocktail, but that was performed by the Beach Boys, which goes against your clue so now I'm not so sure.
Kim Deal isn't in The Pixies - she's in Pixies. Close, but no cigar.
Is it California girls, didnt Van Halen cover it.

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Music quiz part 3 (very difficult)

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