Suitable Hymns for funeral

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Princess Sue | 22:17 Sun 19th Feb 2006 | Music
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I am trying to find a 'cheerful' well known hymn for my husband's funeral - something like 'All Things Bright and Beautiful' - but not that one! Need something that everyone will sing and not dragging on too long - any ideas - thanks


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So sorry to hear of your loss, "How great thou art" or "I watch the sunrise" are always well sung.

How about "Give me Oil in My Lamp". It's the one that goes.........

Sing Hosannah, sing Hosannah
Sing Hosannah to the King of Kings
Sing Hosannah, sing Hosannah
Sing Hosannah to the King .

I admire your forward thinking as i believe funerals are a celebration of life as opposed to an ultimate end.

All the very best Princess. X

Morning has broken?

I personally like Bridge over trouble water but it may be a bit long and also a bit low-key.

Sorry to learn of your sad loss Sue.

For my Mum's funeral a couple of years ago

We had 3 hymns

I vow to thee my Country

Lord of all Hopefulness


Dear Lord and Father of Mankind.

Just some ideas to ponder on.

Sorry about your loss Sue- how about Give me hope in my heart?
oh sorry that's the one Ward mentioned but with different words!
Sue my thoughts are with you as i lost my mom only three days ago and i am trying to also find an appropriate hymn,so far i have only come up with Abide with me & Morning has broken.
Good Luck

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Suitable Hymns for funeral

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