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buddy69 | 00:35 Mon 20th Feb 2006 | Music
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I went on holiday to Lloret in the early 80s and in the clubs over there they were playing Dolce Vita by Ryan Paris, at the same time they were constantly playing a record with the word guilty in it and has a club beat, it is by a foreign artist and I bought a 12 inch version of it before leaving, the title or the artiasts name would be helpfull, its driving me nuts............please please help xx


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Hmmm.....Dolce Vita was released in '83...takes me ack to being 11 ! In the same year, a dance act called Lime had a record out called Guilty. Could that be it? Have a look here:

buy online here

takes me 'back' to being 11 I should say!!!!!

Ryan Paris - not a name I have heard in a long time :-)

hmm that online buy link doesnt work but you can listen to a sample on amazon

Hope this helps


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guilty help!

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