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Old_Geezer | 15:03 Sat 03rd Feb 2024 | Music
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I have recently discovered, that despite being able to whistle all my life, it seems to have basically gone ! I noticed a few days ago, assumed it'd correct whatever could be wrong, but I've just tried, and no.


I can still shape the lips, position the tongue, and blow, but it's mostly air movement, next to no sound. Experimenting I find it's slightly more volume sucking in than it is blowing out, but it's still very poor.


I just tried a Net search and found lots of suggestions, but none I can really relate to. I'm doing the same as I've always done so technique should be fine. No trauma to face or anything. The only slight connection was that I've recently had root canal dental work on a back tooth and I'm waiting to get (what's left) of the temporary filling removed and a mould taken. But that far back in the mouth surely can't be effecting anything.


Does anyone have any ideas as to what else it might be ?  I feel really put out to have lost that skill. Hope it's temporary.



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Does it really matter?

Lots of things change as we are.

To contradict myself though, I've always been annoyed that I can't do that loud whistle with fingers in the mouth.

I meant to type 'as we age'

Hoppy, my brother can actially do that whistle without putting his fingers in his mouth. Used to irritate the hell out of me.

Doug, you missed the last bit of the video



Question Author

Yeah, it matters. Any loss does, it's a part of who one is, helps define oneself.


On the more promising side, continually trying whenever my woman has left the room (I don't need to be annoying anyone) I've got it back a bit. Not well, but at least the exhale whistle is similar to the inhale now. Still unsure what the actual cause is. 

When I try to sing along to a favourite song, I find I can't reach the high notes any more. I don't let it bother me.

I can't whistle now that I have lost one of my front teeth crowns. Now, my dog completely ignores me.

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