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Tony Clarkin Passed Away Today

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piggynose | 20:25 Tue 09th Jan 2024 | Music
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Guitarist with Magnum.

He was 77.




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So sad to hear this ..... but you've just motivated me to play a few Magnum tracks later  :)

Most people prob won't have heard much about Magnum, but I loved their earlier stuff.

I've just had a look and I've got 16 of their CD's .... wow didn't realise I had so many.

My most recent one is from the mid 90's .... no idea why I stopped buying their CD's.

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I vaguely remember seeing Magnum live in late 70s. A mate of mine has seen them countless times. I believe they made 21 albums.  So you must be a big fan with 16 of them!!

Some of the albums I've got are compilation albums .... plus a live album and I have two albums that aren't even in the list on Wikipedia ... Firebird and Archive Series  (It's not the one listed as Archive, this is a completely different CD called Archive Series):


Anyway, my last studio album is Rock Art from 1994 ..... maybe it's time to make a few additions to my collection  :)

Scary when the number's put in front of you.

Where does the time go?

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Tony Clarkin Passed Away Today

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