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Brian Poole

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mallyh | 18:47 Thu 29th Jun 2023 | Music
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i like listening to 60's music and a song came on by Brian Poole and the Seychelles i've googled them but nothing comes up about them ,does anyone remember them?


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i saw all the Tremeloes stuff but nothing about the Seychelles
Are you sure it wasnt The Tremeloes?
aka Brian Poole and the Tremeloes, remember them well, mally :)
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if you google Brian Poole and the Seychelles it shows them singing but nothing about them
is that the 60s TV channel... yes they do have some one off groups from TV shows like Frankie Vallie with Anita Harris and Dean Martin from a TV show.. They play less well known covers too like theres a girl they have singing the Namcy Sinatra song about Boots are Made for Walking
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i know Brian Poole and the Tremeloes it's the Seychelles i've never heard of x
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yes it is the 60's channel x
ok, that is weird though as he seems to have gone solo after leaving the trems.
another one here

This says they replaced the Trems as his backing band
If you look up Brian Poole on IMDb it lists Brian Poole and the Seychelles as an “alternative name”
“Send her to me” plainly is the same Brian Poole, and I’m sure it’s as BobbinW has discovered.
Yes theres no noubt its the same one.... he just had several difffrent backing groups over many years. The Trems were a good band...and i'm not sure he was on all there hits
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just surprised i've never heard of the Seychelles as i really liked the Tremeloes x
The Seychelles consisted of Alan Dickinson , Chris Hayward, John Bosher and Phil Dillon. They backed Brian Poole on 'Send Her To me' and 'What Do Women Most Desire?' and recorded 'Baker's Daughter' and 'And That Is Life' without him. They also appear to have worked with the pupils of Taunton School to produce an album of traditional music but changing the band's name to 'Gaslight' on that occasion.

(Sourced from

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thankyou all x

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Brian Poole

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