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Oh Wow, First Time I’ve Heard This By These Two Great Artists

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Bobbisox1 | 15:43 Sun 02nd Jul 2023 | Music
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Sheer brilliance

What unusual tracks have you heard played ?


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This brings a tear to my eye. We played Moon River at my Nan's funeral just over 11 years ago.
Question Author
Always a beautiful track to listen to Lcg but this version is hauntingly beautiful
Just recently discovered Dimash, widely described as the world's best voice...

He has got an incredible voice, ginge, but he's just a tad weird.
Range is spectacular, pretty lad,
Yes...with a voice like that, some have suggested he may be part-alien!
The four greatest guitarists(in my opinion)Eric Clapton,Jeff Beck,Jimmy Page,Brian Jones.Anyone know anymore?
The four greatest guitarists in the UK,that is.
Gary Moore, obvs. :-)
Yes - Please let me top up your Top Ten -

Jan Akkerman
Peter Green
Lindsey Buckingham
Buddy Guy
Joe Bonamassa
David Gilmour.
You're not playin' the game, Andy. UK guitarists.
Jeremy Spencer,andy?
Question Author
Just ironed my old rockers T shirt Andy with Joe Bonamassa’ on the front, just a pale blue t shirt with a white silhouette of JB

1 to 13 of 13rss feed

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Oh Wow, First Time I’ve Heard This By These Two Great Artists

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