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Omg, not another!
Aww, RIP Alan.
Question Author
Yep, not a good day is it :-(
Plus Andy Fletcher from Depeche Mode... :-(
thats weird, cuz i accidentally found a radio 4 show today with Rick Wakeman, creepy stuff. I´m happy to say i saw yes twice with alan white on drums!!
rip Alan
They're droppin' like flies, perhaps it's an age thing?
Fletcher was only 60.
Well I hope it's not an age thing, Khandro....says Gness approaching 72 far too quickly. :-(
Saw this last night, didn't think to look for a dedicated thread.

Sad news, RIP Alan.
As a big fan of Yes, i despaired when Bill Bruford left to join King Crimson. However, he proved to be a more than able replacement and became a big influence in the band's music.
RIP, Alan White.

I scrolled through the AB topics list looking for the latest one which related to the war in Ukraine, & this is it, it seems to be sliding down the pages of the press websites too, I hope it isn't a sign of burgeoning 'compassion fatigue'.
Just to remind folk that perhaps the best site to keep up with events is;
banned in Russia (natch)
Oops! wrong thread, sorry. K.

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Rip Alan White

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