I Need Help Finding A Song...

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mwaters96 | 04:50 Sat 20th Mar 2021 | Music
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Hey all!

First time poster here. So I’ve had a song that’s been in and out of my head for the past few years. It’s more of an instrumental violin piece, the violin tune itself only using a few chords (? Not sure if that’s the correct terminology for a violin) and is fairly slow and repetitive. However, it’s not just with a violin. It switches a few times - there are instances where there is a deep voice that just makes the noise “buh” a few times and there is also an electric guitar solo too. Other than that, the piece consists of just the violin.

It’s quite a famous piece, I think it’s probably from the late 1990s/ early 2000s. I did think it had been on a P&O advert but the only violin music I could find that had been on a P&O advert was Zadok the Priest and it isn’t that so I may be wrong.

I’m not sure why but I seem to associate the word “North” with it though it could just be nothing at all to do with the title as when I’ve searched the word “North”, nothing has come up.

Thank you so much for any responses received!


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Hi mwaters96. Welcome to AB!
You've not given us much to work on. What is the guitar solo like? fast? slow?
Hi, welcome. Sorry, I can't help but someone on here will find it!
all i can find is dreams by the cranberries
You refer to p& o advert ?? Are you saying you heard yours on a p& o advert. does it sound anything like the zadok the priest tune???
Question Author
Thank you all for your responses so far!

The guitar solo itself is fairly slow but sounds really like a rock style tune but lasts for like 10 seconds (from my memory).

It’s definitely an instrumental other than literally a few “buh” sounds made by a human voice.

I think I heard it on a P&O advert though I could be wrong. It sounds quite different to Zadok the Priest in that where Zadok has the violin swinging between two notes, the tune in thinking of starts off low for a couple of seconds, goes lower pitched for a second then fairly quickly goes higher pitched then goes back to the original note. The tune itself sounds fairly similar throughout as regards to the beat and tempo except it uses different ranges of notes. After the “buh” (which I think is literally just a human voice saying “buh” a few times) which I think happens a couple of minutes into the tune, it goes higher pitched but the beat still stays the same. Then, I think maybe a minute further into the tune, there’s the little electric guitar solo before reverting back to the violin.

From what I remember, the little sequence of the voice making the “buh” sound and the electric guitar solo only happen once in the entire piece.
Can you hum it for us? :))
It may have been written especially for an advert so it might not be available commercially.
//which I think happens a couple of minutes into the tune, //

As adverts usually last only 30 seconds approximateley you heard it somewhere else to? Can you remember where- radio? which station do you listen to? TV?
Can you make a vocaroo for us?
Anything like this?
Only thing that springs to mind is...
I think the violinist forgot to put her shirt on!
Long shot as its probly too well known but the instamental version of fat boy slim, right here right now
Question Author
Thank you all so much for the answers! The tune annoyingly went out of my head for a while and came back earlier tonight. I managed to get a Vocaroo -

This is the tune for most of the piece and rather than the guitar being alongside the violin, it goes after the violin. However, the guitar sounds fairly similar to the Hallelujah piece posted by vulcan42.
Question Author
I managed to find it! It was North by Paul Mounsey. It had been so long since I’d last heard it that I forgot some key components of the piece.

Thank you to all who assisted!

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