Don't Go Breaking My Heart

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10ClarionSt | 10:41 Sun 21st Mar 2021 | Music
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When I bought this single back in the 70's, the 'B' side had a song called Amoureuse, by Kiki Dee. However, the label on both sides said Don't Go Breaking My Heart. Before I played the 'B' side, I thought it might just have been an instrumental of the 'A' side, but nope. Twas Kiki Dee singing Amoureuse. Odd dont you think? Production error perhaps?


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Perhaps you're in possession of a "Collectors' Item" and need to put it on Ebay for a vast sum of money.
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Nah. Don't think so. Curiosity value, more like.
I couldn't if I tried ...:0)
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Well, nobody knows it do they?
as released in 1976, the B-side was "Snow Queen", a song allegedly inspired by Cher.
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Not on this one mushroom. It's definitely Amoureuse, labelled as DGBMH.
But Clarion, Right from the start, I gave you me heart :0(
I have a similarly mislabelled single by a different artist. If you look closely at the edge of the record there's an etching of numbers. The A side will have a different number to the B side.

Not uncommon, according to Record Collector. Mine isn't on their list of valuable examples.
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Bobbisox, don't misunderstand me.
Sounds more like a reissue?
one here from 80s

Woo hoo
Nobody knows it
Given the label tho it sounds like a collectors item
Whatever the case may be, you're lucky as Amoureuse is a stunning song. The original French language version by Veronique Sanson is lovely too.
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No Bob, that looks like it was released in Australia. I definitely bought it in the 70's, for
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..sure! :o)

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Don't Go Breaking My Heart

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