Anyone Know This Songs Title?

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Richardscott7777 | 10:14 Mon 03rd Aug 2020 | Music
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its from either the 80's or 90's and I can sing the tune I just don't know the name.
Lyrics kinda go.
"Um bop, My baby oh na na na come on time..." singer sounds african/caribean but think hes american or british. Not sure thats the actual lyrics but thats what it sounded like he was saying. Thats also the corus I quoted he enphasizes the words "MY BABY"


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Hue & Cry - Labour Of Love
15:32 Tue 04th Aug 2020
Could it be this one?
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No its no mmm bop @howlett1000
Stab in the dark here - could it be Big Mountain - Baby I Love Your Way?

I bet chris buenchico will get it

I did "nyah nyah foop da dah" - and he said once : chloral symphony Beethoven - I think it sent him - to sleep !
no no true - - - he is very good
Is it

See first reply Gromit.
Already been ruled out, Gromit, unfortunately. We have a couple of these unresolved music ones
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@fanrific it's not that either. But it is that style of voice.
The chorus you say the "mmm bop" really fast as fast as you can. Then you say "MY BABY" Loud emphasized, then "oh nah nah nah" then "come on time" twice "oh won't you give me time" then it repeats.

If I could sing it to you guys you'd know what it is but I can't do voice on this site any ideas to send a voice recording
People have used Sound Cloud before both for music and voice.

As this poster did.

Could you do that?
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I recorded me attempting to sing the chorus horribly hopefully this will help.
Hue & Cry - Labour Of Love

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Holy *** thats it thank you so much I got the lyrics wrong and hes white ethnicity hahaha. Well done.
Well done ABerrant.
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I only heard it once on sunday in passing so I had to make up the lyrics lol.
I thought it was "Labour of Love" til you gave the extra words but as soon as I heard the recording, I knew I'd been right.
Lol. With those lyrics and voice description, this is the last song that I’d have thought of
Glad you found the song with help from ABerrant.
I would have got that if I heard your voice recording earlier but that African/Caribean reference threw me off course.
I think I've still got that song on 7" single vinyl somewhere.
It reached number 6 in the charts in August 1987.
I'm not sure what Pat Kane would think about being described as African/Caribbean? He's as Scottish as they come :-D
I know the song but was not thinking of anything close to it.
I liked Hue & Cry. I wonder if they ever did find Linda?

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Anyone Know This Songs Title?

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