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andy-hughes | 22:31 Sat 29th Oct 2016 | Music
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The next richest touring musician after Jim Dolan (JD) is Paul McCartney.

Check out his band.


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That does nothing for me whatsoever
Question Author
Naomi - you may not like it, but it is a very long way from chronic!

This is the reverse of our 'Muslim awareness' scenario - it's time for me to tell you something I understand deeply for a change!
You say you understand something deeply but are you not just a fan like the rest of us?
I've got that video playing in a separate tab while I'm posting here.

It's 'my kind of music' in that it reminds me of some of the stuff that I enjoy from local musicians in a certain Cambridge pub. However, while I'd happily travel 50 miles to Cambridge to see a band like that in a pub, I can't really identify anything there which I'd pay lots of money to see.

If you're into Americana though, Andy-H, how about something from The Lumineers?
andy-hughes. You understand what 'deeply'?

This is chronic - in my opinion.
Not bad Andy, love the Lumineers though, ta Chris.
Question Author
Naomi - I understand music deeply, the people who make it, and the people who like or dislike it.

I see you have amended your view to 'This is chronic - in my opinion' - which is an entirely different statement to your original post.

I have no problem with you stating that you deeply dislike it, but that does not make it bad music - clearly it is not bad music.
I quite like that old style Bluesy stuff.
AH how do you understand music deeply. Are you a musician?
^^^ Andy's a music journalist, 237SJ.
Yes but is he a musician?
Question Author
237SJ - I am first and foremost a fan like everyone else.

But I am also a regularly published music writer with more than thirty-five years and ninety-plus publications carrying my work worldwide.

There are a small group on here who boast their academic understanding of the Muslim faith, and regularly look down on me for merely having an opinion that is not based on their level of knowledge. Correct or not, it is my opinion to which I am entitled.

I am delighted not to look down on anyone on this site with less knowledge and understanding of popular music than me – because to do so is arrogant and pompous, and I try hard to be neither if I can.
andy-hughes, you flatter yourself. You understand music no more than anyone else. I think it's chronic.
^ agreed
Question Author
237sj - No I am not a musician.

Andrew Marr is not and never has been an MP.

Donald Trump has never been a politician.

Paul McCartney can't read music.

You don’t need to ‘do’ or ‘be’ something to have considerable knowledge about it, and be able to talk with a degree of authority based on that knowledge.

For the record, to my knowledge, Naomi, Khando and vetusti are not Muslims!
Question Author
Naomi - you understand Islam better than no-one else, it's never stopped you pontificating at length about it on here!
No, you don`t need to have considerable knowledge about it but when it comes to music and any other kind of art, it is in the eye of the beholder. That is the nature of art and there are not rights or wrongs.
Haha andy. Try these .
My dad used to call em alligator sha**er musicians. :))

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