Eurovision Song Contest

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tonyav | 22:16 Sun 17th Jan 2016 | Music
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The BBC are going to use an X factor style contest to choose UK Eurovision act. But will we win it ?.


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About as much chance as .....
no, I'd better not.
RTÉ have tried that the past few years, never worked so this year we're sending Nicky Byrne - former Westlife 'singer'
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That's what I thought to, Hopkirk and chrissa.

More chance of winning it than us then, eanceoil.
At one time the Irish didn't want to win again - too expensive to host it the following year.

That's probably why they sent Jedward to represent them twice.
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It all went to plan then, Hopkirk.
I doubt it somehow Tonyav, I've no great hopes for it. I don't think out islands count anymore - Europe is different and enjoy a different kind of music to us
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I think we'd have to move our countries to the Balkans to stand a chance, eanceoil.
Hopkirk, Jedward were great in comparison to the muppet in the shopping trolly
I don't think it was fair of me to post that bull - sorry, turkey but you are right tonyav, we should move to the balkans
What the hell was that???

They really didn't want to win did they?
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eanceoil, if Belarus had entered that it would have probably won !.
fart in a thunderstorm comes to mind!!
I think the eurovision as we knew it has long passed it's sell by date..
Even the Irish said what the hell is that.. RTÉ chose him
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fart in a thunderstorm comes to mind!!

Less chance than that imo, RATTER.
eurovision is little more than a political popularity contest now - the musical ability or content of any entrant matters not at all.

and although some of the winners are still in the business, overall the x-factor audience aren't very good at finding winners who last beyond their first failed album release - steve brookstein, shayne ward - need i go on?

so, to enter a contest where the UK is a political pariah, with an act who will probably end up with a career as a z-list reality show host, is a recipe for oblivion.....
Even if Adele performed with one of her finest, the U.K. would have 'nul' chance of winning.
Sandie Shaw sang several songs on the Rolf Harris Show so the public could vote on which one she should perform in the contest. Puppet on a String was chosen despite her fluffing of the lines and having to start again (it was filmed live). Those were the days.
Ruddy hell !...its not that time of year again is it ?
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Afraid so, mikey.

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