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What is it about 'The King' ?

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stevie1time | 02:27 Wed 06th Feb 2008 | Artists
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I am a 35 year old fella,well in with the modern times,i like my fine clothes,fine wines,strong beers,poncey clubs full of up their own arse ponces, Tom jones got sweet F.A on me cos i would rings round that hip shake of his...When my kids mention all these new popstars,i reckon i know at least 1 out of 5...So why is it that many a person laughs or knocks my greatest (next to my dad) of all...Elvis Presley...As a kid i was brought up on 'The King' i have two huge framed photos of him in my living room.I have won 3 competitions singing the king( Karaoke lol)........I was taking my kids to Graceland this year,but got to put it off to next..To be honest,i aint one of those who thinks of owt else,im a busy bloke,work kids hectic...But i just know that there are countless songs,videos etc that make me think...Elvis,fair play mate,you have,do and allways will touch the hearts of many for years to come..If anyone reads this waffle,take time out and go on youtube and see him sing 'if i can dream'.....what did he have,that to this day,influences millions of of people and will for generations to come???....P.S im not a bottom burglar xx


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Each to their own, I suppose, but I have never seen the fascination of the guy. Didn't write his own music, played guitar poorly, couldn't act, died an overweight mess. I reckon he was the first "manufactured" pop artist. i.e. looked good ( I suppose) and had a half-decent voice (definitely). I would put him well down my list of favourite artists, but, as I said, we all have different ideas.
Elvis is such a force because he was a groundbreaker.

Yes Chuch Berry and Little Richard were doing it - so were Patsy Cline and Hank Williams, but Elvis put the two together, never really done before. Add to that his unbelievable sex appeal, and foist it onto a world who think Perry Como is the height of pop-tastic and ka-boom! you have a musical and cultural revolution that reverberates around the world.

Then his records start to sell, then a couple of lads called Lennon and McCartney hear him ....

the rest is all around you.

Anyone can go back in time and see where their idols got their influences from - until yiou get to Elvis, and then you more or less have to stop.

The first - and many say (obviously including you stevie) still the best.
The kings voice melts my heart everytime i hear it and that smile he had nearly stops it.

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