Reversing - who would be to blame

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clarzie | 13:50 Tue 29th Jun 2010 | Road rules
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I have a curved driveway and park my car under my bay. I go in the car today, started the car, checked rear view mirror, all clear starts reversing and feel a bump. At first I thought someone had left something on my driveway and I had run over it, I got out of the car and it was my father in law driving onto my drive. He wasnt there when I had started to proceed and then he was. I have to use my mirrors when reversing off because the way the car swings out you can easily scrape the car down the side of all wall. He says he hadnt realised I was reversing off and hadnt seen my lights, even though my mother in law had seen them and told him...
No damage done just pride mainly - who would be a fault with this scenario?


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I would say 50/50, you were both moving towards each other when the collision occurred
both off you, you both probably need sight tests.
Where you reversing onto a main Road? If so, your fault.
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i was still on my drive and started reversing and he actually pulled onto my drive and says he didnt see me - I drive a bright red C4 grand picasso and all lights were working. The driveway is curved, and narrow so I was using my side mirrors to make sure I didnt scrape the car down the wall.
IF you where still on your drive, HIS FAULT.
is it a open garden type area, or a narrow walled driveway....?

if open, i cannot see how he didnt see you
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It's just as much your fault for not seeing him clarzie. You should never reverse into situations where you can't see where you are going. What if a child had run up behind you and you ran over them? Would you really say it was the child's fault you never saw them?
You both would be prosecuted for driving without due care at least or dangerous driving under the road traffic act as you were both intent on crossing a pedestrian walkway where neither of you have right of way and neither were paying full attention as to the immediate hazards confronting you.If the local police had there way you would be taken from the building, fined heavily then shot in the face at point blank range.

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Reversing - who would be to blame

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