Tax disc display.

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dibble1 | 09:53 Sat 26th Jun 2010 | Road rules
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I noticed that on a TV prog set in the 60's that the cars were displaying the tax disc on the drivers side. Did this used to be the case?


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I’m not aware of any requirement for the tax disk to be in a specific location (only displayed on the vehicle). I remember sometime ago (probably around 20 years ago), that the police proposed a requirement that the disk be located at the passenger side of the windscreen. The motoring organizations (AA/RAC and others) acted up – pointing out that many drivers may have a valid reason for wanting to avoid a blind spot at a specific location on their windscreen. And I seem to recall the idea was dropped.

For many years, my tax disk was mounted on the windscreen in front of the rear view mirror, causing no blind spot in my screen view. I never had the old bill question its location – or anyone else point out it should not be there.
There is a requirement for the tax disc to be displayed in a certain place:
Displaying your tax disc
Your vehicle tax disc must be displayed on the passenger side (kerb side) of the vehicle’s windscreen. If there’s no windscreen or you have a motorcycle or sidecar, you should display the tax disc on the kerb side of the vehicle.
Sadly I don't know how long this has been the case.
Oh well, looks like the police got their way - bit irrelevant now, with electronic checking of vehicle tax.
It's not irrelevant, you can still get penalised for 'failure to display'. Don't forget your beady eyed neighbour is always ready and willing to report you for no tax.
So would i, hc 4361. why should i pay and not them?
Well be sure to check the registration number on the tax disc matches the car - you could be missing a few.
hc4361, your statement:- ‘Don't forget your beady eyed neighbour is always ready and willing to report you for no tax’ – suggests you speak from experience.
The Vehicle Excise and Registration Act 1994 made it an offence not to exhibit the Tax Disc "in the manner prescribed by regulations made by the Secretary of State"...

...however it was not until the Road Vehicles (Registration and Licensing) Regulations 2002 (i.e. 8 years later) that "the manner" of exhibition was prescribed...
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Thanks for your help. The programme in question was George Gently. Every vehicle clearly displayed on the drivers side. The year was supposed to be 1964 I think. The placing was on all the vehicles so I assume this was deliberate and for a reason. I also noticed the Austin 1100 in one scene had no rear view mirror. I guess this WAS deliberate. Watch this space if you're interested, I'll try the beeb. They're pretty good with viewer enquiries. Thanks all.
In the tv series of Starsky and Hutch they had a disappearing rear view mirror. In long shot it was present but in close up it always missing.

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Tax disc display.

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