Speed camera calculation??

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alexjohn | 19:19 Sun 11th May 2008 | Road rules
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Ok guys, i was driving down a road i know very well and i new there was a speed camera there, just past the speed camera is my street on the right, i was doing 30mph!

I checked my mirrors and there was a vauxhall astra driven by a very impatient person an he over took me on the left (i was oppitioned on the right to turn) if the speed camera did flash, how is this calculated to see who was doing the offense?? Thanks.


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if i was gordon brown i would send a fine to the astra driver and then one to you that way i will get double my money.

if i understand it correctly the camera takes a few pictures if there are lines on the road so that they can prove that the astra van drove over 2 of the lines , do a simply maths equation and work out his speed. if it is one of the newer cameras they fire a laser at the van and that tells them the for you turning it would show less than 30 and for the van it would show 35,36.37 or whatever he was doing hope that makes sense.

only joking about the gordon brown ?
ps the new speed cameras don't flash they are digital with infra red and have a hard disk storage.

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Speed camera calculation??

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