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Do you think "Christian" driving works?

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AB Editor | 10:26 Mon 01st Nov 2010 | Motoring
36 Answers
"Christian" driving is driving with extra consideration to others – letting others out of side roads – in the belief that others will treat you likewise. Some believe drivers will reach their destination quicker and easier by driving by the motto of "one good turn deserves another".

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Do you think "Christian" driving works?

  • Yes “Christian” driving works (and I practice it) - 18 votes
  • 45%
  • No, it doesn't work (but it might make you feel better regardless) - 11 votes
  • 28%
  • Yes, it works (but sometimes I "forget" to practice it) - 6 votes
  • 15%
  • No, it doesn’t work (because it is a dog-eat-dog world out there on the roads) - 5 votes
  • 13%

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This doesn't work!
Divine intervention maybe?
ed I hate that label...christians do not have a monopoly on niceness and you see cars with the fish logo on being driven by total financial advisors...being christian (or religious in general) doesn't make you a good driver. Certainly thoughtful ("Advanced") driving can be safer and make the traffic flow better.
Not one bit, I'm not polite on the road, Too many people who dilly dally around, I don't suffer fools when I'm driving!

And yes I drove a big white van and I was the worst, "out the way I'm coming through, like it or not!!!!"
Gosh RATTER I'd never have guessed that of you :-)
Yes...but isn't that general consideration??
Question Author
Woofgang, I think you've missed the point of the question!

"Christian" (please not the quote marks) driving is a simple and quick label which I pretty sure we all understand. The original concept became national news through the Archbishop of Canterbury, so it is the label which has stuck.

It has nothing to do with being a Christian, it is just a label! The question is: Does it work?

Spare Ed
Do you think "Courteous" driving works? ... would be a better title.

Less controversial and hey, not likely to incite an argument.

Can we report these threads too?, looooool
I hadn't heard that the Archbishop had come up with this category of driving, and it makes me wonder if he drives himself. There are bits of road around Lambeth Palace that involve survival of the fittest, and I suspect he'd be dithering over whether women drivers should really be allowed on the roads.
Ed I hadn't heard of it called that until you posted it on here...IMO its a dangerous label!
isn't it interesting, the comments on here that associate Christian with dithering idiot?
Common sense really. Is it worth letting that person out of the side road (quick glance in mirror)?

No, there are no cars behind me.
No, there is a car too close behind me.
Yes, I am in a slow moving line of cars.
Yes, the cars in front of me but past the persons turning have stopped.
No, it's a tractor!
not all Christians, woofgang, just the particular archbishop in question.
From my extensive study of the New Testament I can't recall Jesus providing guidance or teaching on the subject of driving, other than the driving of the money lenders from the Temple.
Question Author

I just think it is a little unfair to jump onto that part of the question! It isn't really relevant to the question in the term you're thinking of.

But yes, supplement it for "Courteous" if it is a problem.

All the best,

Spare Ed
I agree jno, deffo a financial advisor of the highest magnitude
Irrelevance of Christianity to the question doesn't seem to have translated to many of the answers, as this has thread turned into another religious debate, not one about motoring etiquette.

I actually didn't/don't associate "christian driving" with Christians. I am a very patient driver as long as people are not dithering or being an annoyance or getting in my way!!!

Probably just Christians!! :-)
I googled Christian driving and could not believe what came up, what a load of tosh!
Whoever designed that webpage needs a hard Poke on Facebook.

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Do you think "Christian" driving works?

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