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Friend Caught by Speed Camera with a Provisional Licence in My Car

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mattdore | 00:26 Tue 02nd Nov 2010 | Motoring
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My friend, who only has a provisional license was caught doing 51mph in a 40mph zone by a speed camera in my car. I was in the car with him but the insurance does not cover him. Will the police check to see if he is insured to drive my car? Are they more likely to check because he is a provisional driver?


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Why on Earth did you let him drive your car then? If you were supervising him as a qualified driver, why didn't you make sure he was keeping to the 40mph limit? The police or court will check the insurance. You'll both get what you deserve.

BTW - I hope you aren't another of the posters who come on here looking for sympathy after breaking the law and risking other peoples' lives.
Sorry - but sounds suspiciously like a wind up (given the two other 'speeding' posts).
Of course they will and it is you who is at fault here.
They won't be any more likely to check. They'll still do it regardless.
You'll get done too and your insurance company will probably cancel your policy, i there is indeed any justice in the world
sherrardk - you could be right. This poster registered 20 minutes ago.
Hi Lilsecret - I have got far too much time on my hands in the evening!
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It was a mistake. A serious question though. I thought that police would just cash the check. That they would see that the car was insured and leave it at that.
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some people have posted on other sites that they have not been asked for insurance in this type of situation. Does anyone have experience with this?
//I thought that police would just cash the check.//

Didn't the police ask you to produce insurance certificate at the time?
before you agreed to risk your life/car/license for this friend, did you tell your insurance company that you were going to be supervising him? Are you legally of age to supervise?
The supervising driver must

* be at least 21 years old
* have a full driving licence (for the type of vehicle they are supervising in - manual or automatic), which must have been held for a minimum of three years
* ensure the car is in a safe and legal condition
* meet the minimum eyesight standards
* ensure the car displays L Plates (or D Plates in Wales) if a learner is driving
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We were caught by a speed camera. Does everyone read the post before commenting?
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if anyone has experience in this situation that would be helpful as I know the rules of the road. It was all legal except he did not have insurance to drive at the time. My mistake. Will the police check when he sends in his license and money?
You are the registered keeper and so you will get the letter (in about 5 days) and you have to say who was driving.
He won't need to send in his license yet, he won't get the letter.
Allowing someone to drive your car uninsured is now an offence 6-8 points I believe.

Some might say you would probably be better off taking the blame for the speeding offence yourself however that would be conspiracy to pervert the course of justice an even more serious offence
51 in a 40 should be a fixed penalty then your mate should just pay it, accept the points, there's every chance they won't bother checking other documents.
Could you add him as a named driver on your insurance..... quickly?

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Friend Caught by Speed Camera with a Provisional Licence in My Car

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