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has | 18:36 Sun 11th Jul 2010 | Motoring
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I will assume that the majority of you are drivers. If you are, will you please observe motorway rules properly?

If you are one of those selfish motorists that sit in the middle lane, when the near-side lane is virtually empty for miles ahead.....WHY?

Please use the motorway lanes as the highway code describes.

Or are you the same driver whom drives straight across a mini round-about at 40 mph + with other traffic waiting to go round.

While we're on this subject, are you the same driver that DOES NOT indicate around round-abouts when turning left or right?

You should re-take your bloody driving test ASAP.

This is so annoying & puts others in danger.

This is only the begining of my rant with all the idiots on the road - young & old...male & female.


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yep...that's me in the tractor trailing hay bales at 20mph. I can be more annoying with the horse & cart if you upset me.
I totally agree, although I stick to the middle lane on the motorway if there is noone behind me, as soon as someone gets within 400-500metres I will move over.

P.S I only stick to the middle lane because I know I'm going to meet a lorry in the left hand at some point.

P.S.S I only ever drive at night when there is nothing on the road so I'm not really contributing to your madness.
I also hate people who drive striaght through a roundabout and use both lanes just because they can't be bothered to slow down or moved their steering wheel. Warning to all that drive near me *my cars front end is shot and therefor I am willing to collide with anyone who thinks cutting 'corners' on roundabouts is smart* - you have been warned.

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