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Elderly drivers

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Coldicote | 11:34 Sun 04th Jul 2010 | Motoring
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From time to time views are expressed that elderly drivers should be subject to regular tests. Do you agree and, if so, at what age and what kind of test?


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Yes. Every three years after the age of 70. The problem lies in funding it.
Last week it was stated in Spain that drivers at 80 yrs will have their licence withdrawn, regards your Q, I am on the way at 62, I hold a HGV 1, have not long been through a full medical to retain this piece of sht so-call professional license, with the fellest of respect to the later OAP, a lot of them are unsafe, reactions very very slow, their reactions are somewhat?????????????? I have seen like many on here some of the elderly getting out of a car, Jesus Christ & they think they are safe, the young are tears @rsers but I will give some of them credit their reaction are spot on if though they do have bumps & many of them, In my opinion over the age of 70 the elderly SHOULD be re-tested for the safety of others as well as them self, & before the self rightchess bridge-age start to Harper on, live in a real world we are not trying to deny you of your leisure time the object is to keep people alive I don't think that is much to ask for. Is it?
i think all drivers should get a test every 10 years
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Interesting answers here. With elderly drivers it seem to me more a question of medical fitness and reactions rather than standard driving tests. Experience counts a great deal when it comes to driving - I wonder how many in their forties, fifties, sixties would still pass the theory side of a driving test after possibly many years. Should tests be a matter for medical people or driving test examiners?
AS young drivers cause the most accidents so should they !
Toureman, the answer to a minority of the young drivers that also cause Insurance premiums to raise, if an accident is caused by them in the Ist year of driving they should resit a test, if they refuse on the grounds that they say that the have already passed a test, my answer would be " Prove it in your ability to have no accidents" there should also be a law regards engine size to these people, the trouble is the cannot handle the power.
I agree with count-a-strong
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is it a proved statistic that young driver cause most accidents? or is it just that accidents caused by the elderly dont get reported?

i think we sould all be tested every 10yrs but when we reach 65 we should have a medical as well as a driving test.
I would be happy to take a driving test, as long as its paid for, and that the inspector has a clean licence, with no penalty points like myself, AND with my experiance, and held a licence for at least twenty years.

Like someone who said before, when I feel I'm too old I shall sell my car.

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Elderly drivers

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