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Speed limits

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c00ky83 | 21:16 Thu 06th Jan 2005 | Motoring
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Is there a minimum distance between changes of speed limit?  For example, you go from 30 to 60 back to 30.  How long must the 60 zone be?


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Not sure there is a minimum distance.  Our friends live out in the sticks a bit & when you leave their village the limit changes from 30mph to 60mph - for about 100 metres!  Then it goes back to 30mph as you approach the next hamlet.  Always struck me as a bit daft but no doubt there's some legal reason for the short stretch of national speed limit
There is no max or min length for a 'regulated road'. It's just up to the Dept of Transport in consultation with the local councils, Police etc. Thats how they pick their spots for speed cameras!(OH, Did I really say that!!!)
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Re. the 100m stretch - that's what got me thinking.  Similarly I drive between two built up areas, but in between the road is wide and straight for 200 yards and most drivers put foot down!  I'd hate to be done for speeding there as it's really not a danger.

Presumably you`d be looking ahead, seeing the signs, and adjusting your speed accordingly? Remembering of course that these are maximum limits and not recommended driving speeds.  Seems to be a strange question.
Sorry, I think I could have worded that better.  But there are numerous instances of intersecting speed limits, for example crossroads where a minor road meets a major road.
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Thanks, some interesting answers.  I do not think it was a strange question - one or two roads round my way have short, yet noticeable stretches within 30 zones which seem "faster".  I thought perhaps, they were too short to warrant a temporary limit.  However, I'd also say too many changes in the limit would only cause confusion and offer an excuse for speeding drivers.  I was not advocating speeding, and for the record I do my best to keep within them - as a yound driver I cannot afford the consequences, financial or otherwise!


...and that's the end of that chapter.

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Speed limits

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