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Ford Escort Red Key - what is it for???

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Otrere | 22:41 Tue 07th Oct 2008 | Motoring
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I've just bought a 1998 S Reg Ford Escort Finesse. It has come with 2 black keys and 1 red key.

Can someone please explain exactly what the red key is for, when I would need to use it, and how I would use it?



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All the keys will work on your car but, you can only electronicaly clone the red key, so if you need a spare key your supposed to use the red one, although most good key cutters now have a device that will clone a key from the black ones.

Hope this helps
If you loose the red key and want a brand new one, it will cost lots more than a black key.
The red key is used to program additional keys for the car. The handbook will explain in detail how this is done.

Most (if not all) key-cutters will not cut a blank from the standard back keys to your car, they will only accept the red key.

Once you have the new black key cut, there is a sequence of inserting the red key in the ignition and turning to various positions � and then doing the same with the new black key you want to program.

If you only need two keys for your car � just keep the red one safe, for when you loose one and need another one cut.
the red key is they master key, carries the code for recoding new keys, although you can only do that so many times..its amazing on an S reg vehicle you got the red key so many get used or lost
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OK - thanks folks!! Yes amazing that I still got the red key. And even more amazing that it's only done 40K miles!
I think it is for unlocking your ford car!

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Ford Escort Red Key - what is it for???

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