Lambretta LD restoration project

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henro | 12:10 Wed 04th Jul 2007 | Motoring
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Hi all,

I am thinking of buying a lambretta ld from 1957. It looks in reasonable condition but I was wondering how easy it is to get parts for these old models and how hard it would be to restore.

The bike is in good condition for it's age.




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Hi Henro, I'm a vespa man myself lol. I think the parts are out there but wouldn't come cheap. My best advice would be to go to the website, the online version of the magazine. There is a forum on there and I'm sure if you posted on there someone would help you out.

Keep the faith!
Can't help you, Henro but I envy you and wish you every success; I'm sure you will enjoy every minute of the restoration.

In 1962 I bought a secondhand Lambretta TV 175cc Mk 1 (1958 model) for �60 and rode it across France, Spain, Portugal and Morocco for 4 months without any serious problems apart from punctures. It went like a train ! I loved that machine and bitterly regret dumping it shortly after getting home and returning to driving a car.

I would dearly love to find one again, restore it and ride off to warm climes and re-live those days of my youth again. Sigh.
ditto the TV175, wonderful machine.

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Lambretta LD restoration project

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