Safety equipment in a car

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Narolines | 11:06 Wed 04th Jul 2007 | Motoring
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I've just read an article in a Cyprus newspaper that states that it's compulsory in all EU countries for all private vehicles to carry a first-aid kit, a warning triangle, a fire extinguisher and high-visibilty jackets for all the potential occupants. In Cyprus, at least, failure to carry any one of the above is punishable by an on-the-spot fine equivqalent to abuot �72. Now while I agree that all these items are desirable in a vehicle and I have no objection to carrying them, I'm not aware that it's compulsory in all EU countries. Is it so in the UK, and do I risk an on-the-spot fine and possibly some points on my licence if I i happen to be caught without my hi-vis jacket? Or are the Cypriot police just out to raise a bit oof revenue....?


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since when,iv been to cyprus about 30 times,hiring a car every time usually,none have had this so called kit in it,and its not law in this country,(uk)
Many European countries make it an offence not to carry safety equipment. There's a list of the requirements of some countries (including all of those most frequently visited by Brits using the cross-channel ferries) in this Word document from the AA website: ips/AA_compulsory_equipment_june2007.doc

UK legislation does not require that any such equipment is carried - although it's all in my car ;-)

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Cheers chaps - that's what I thought. We own a house in Cyprus and spend quite a lot of time there, and when I bought a car there earlier this year none of this was mentioned and none of the kit was in the car, so I assume (maybe wrongly, being Cyprus!) that it's a recommendation rather than a requirement. The Cypriot authorities are awfully good at trotting out the "It's an EU law" excuse for a lot of rather questionable initiatives. I will try to check on the law in Cyprus, though.
Thanks for the response.

A bit of web-searching suggests that 2 warning triangles are compulsory in Cyprus. Everything else is just recommended.

This might be of interest: pic_id=4233

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Thanks Chris - I've already checked with AngloInfo, and it does appear that only a warning triangle is compulsory in Cyprus; I suppose I've answered my own question really; I was just interested to know if some bit of EU lunacy - sorry, legislation - had slipped past me with regard to the UK as much as anything. As it happens, I do carry an emergency kit (which I think includes a hi-viz jacket), a fire extinguisher and a tow-rope anyway in this country, but I must confess I haven't thought to buy one in Cyprus. Must do that when I get back there later this month! Cheers!
Just as an aside, in Germany it is compulsory for all trucks to carry a first aid kit (but not for cars I think) and the Police can come and take it off you to use at an accident (if theirs runs out). You get a chit off the Police and they will replace the first aid kit at a Police station. Now this is all well and good, but in common with several other European countries, trucks are not allowed on the roads on a Sunday (unless they are moving pershables). Moral is: don't have an accident on a Sunday...there might not be a First Aid kit about!

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Safety equipment in a car

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