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road rules

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spooky2008 | 16:11 Sat 28th Apr 2007 | Motoring
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in the street i live in we have some one who every day is coming down our street in a hgv waggon(grab) he parks on the footpath half and half he parks opposite parked cars dropping loads off at his house and hes mates next door i cannot see when coming out of the drive ect ..dont say have a word because all you get is abuse is there any rules for that kind of stuff ?i was under the impression that they could not use side streets unless they had a job down there ? any help please
thank you


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report him to the council.
If there are no weight or height restrictions he can drive down there.

It is an offence to park a HGV on the footpath or verge though.
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i was underr the impresion that there was something in there opperators licence???i might be wrong
I don't often agree with Norman but, this time, I agree with him twice over ;-)

Firstly, routine parking matters are now dealt with, within most large towns, by the local council. (In rural areas, traffic wardens may still do the job). So, it could be worth having a word with the relevant department. (As Ethel states, it's an offence to park a vehicle with its wheels on the kerb, except where there are signs specifically permitting this).

More importantly, it would seem that this guy is using his house for commercial purposes (i.e. the storage of trade goods or materials). I would doubt that he's got planning permission to do so. I suggest having a word with the planning department, to see if they're prepared to take any action (My feeling is that you're more likely to get a long-term solution to your problem from the planning department, than from the parking control department).

i would confront him in a quiet but firm manner and if still no joy inform his work place
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"thanks for your answers"

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