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What car shall I buy?

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123345 | 21:36 Tue 25th Apr 2006 | Motoring
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Hi my dad says that for a late 19th birthday present I can have a car as long as it costs less than 50,000 i.e not a ferrari.Which car do you think I should get.


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Think this should be in Motoring....

50K is a fair bit to spend on a car and it really depends on what you want out of it. If you want a car that can handle how about a Porsche Cayman S.

only 50,000 from daddy to find a car - i don't know how you'll manage to get anything for that... maybe if you cry he will give you a more reasonable 100,000

but already have a car don't u? Didn't you just take the pi$$ out of the copper the other day at the lights?

This should be in motoring---

It's too bad your father cant afford a mercedes. I would go for a 2006 Lexus SC, manual of course. And you'll still have $10,000 to spare!!

A Reliant Robin wud suit you down to the ground
I drive a Porsche Boxter...that shud be in your price range you are talkin about

*Zeus*- Hello handsome. Wanna take me for a ride in your porshe?

when you say "ride".......sorry dancey I cud not resist !!!!

how about a space bubble to take you back home??

123345 are you in any way related to the fake Russian lesbian we had on here recently called 122345?
are you Dr lickyoubitz in disguise,cos you ain't real,why don't you go back to Russia or wherever you pretend to be from?

god how tight must your dad be?! �50k buys sod all for a gorgeous blonde lesbian from russia. Doesnt he realise that patients wont want to see you in anything less than a ferrari.

Plus a 19 year old with need something that would cost almost as much again in insurance payouts. Thats if you keep you licence and dont keep running red lights.

You can buy a reasonably good 2nd/3rd hand Ferrari for under �50k. Alternatively you could take the cash buy a bike and cycle all the way to St Petersburg.
Dont know about a car - how about a big white jacket with buckles down the back - and no sleeves!!
Trouble is not finding the car, but finding a car that you can get insured. I imaging with 50K you can afford any car where the insurance companies will touch you with a barge pole.

depending on what you want, how about a DODGE VIPER? you can pick them up for about 30 - 40K the rest of the money will probably be your insurance,lol.

I got myself a Pontiac Firebird (like knight rider) only because i love american cars, far better builds.

well im selling a 1999 ford focus with the works. it wine in colour, small spoiler, 18" alloys, full body kit, cd player, tvs, etc. is a 1.6 and its never been crashed. im only selling it for 11,000euro, bargin....
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Craig 007 I think the answer to your question is obvious.I am not a fake Russian lesbian.I am Russian I mean why would I lie abiout being Russian.I do not have a car it was my sisters car that I used to drive.Now that I am 19 I am allowed one of my own.I think I shall go for a bright pink mini coopper.
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Question Author
I forgot to say that I thought that I had put this question in Motoring but I obviously had not.

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