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Looking To Change My Car

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tamaris | 11:25 Tue 16th Apr 2024 | Motoring
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I have an Hyundai i10. Great little car, , but  I want to change it. Passed its MOT no problem. Same sort of thing £20 tax yearly , 5 door. I was thinking the i20.  Anyone give me any advice ?



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Why do you want to change it?  I've an i10 too and like the fact it's so cheap to run - I'd hang on to it.

Try a few out.

A good dealer will let you test  drove a few potential choices.

If you like a make and model, simply get a newer one- I am about to get my fourth Punto.

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Just want a newer car

Newer cars have higher tax rates.

My daughter's Peugeot 108 is zero rated for road tax. The same car two years younger attracts full tax.

If it aint broke don't try to fix it. It's much greener & more economical to keep your old car if you're still happy to drive it & it's reliable.

My 2011 RAV4 that I've owned for 6 years &has  passed every MoT with no advisories & never had a warning light is staying with me.

VW owners - eat you hearts out!

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The body work is not bad but there are some  spots beginning to look  in need of care

Sounds like me

Acne Hoppy, or blisters?

If you do decide to change Tamaris, also consider Kia. 

Kia and Hyundai are almost the same company so their cars are sisters, or at least cousins. The Kias look a bit prettier to my eyes.

The i10 is the Kia Picanto, the i20 is the Rio.

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Thank you hopkirk

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Looking To Change My Car

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