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Anyone Else Dislike Those 'Tablets' Stuck Onto Dahboards?

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youngmafbog | 11:34 Tue 13th Dec 2022 | Motoring
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Youngest daughter came round the other day in her brand spanking new Mustang. Nice car, full leather interior etc but there smack in the middle was this 'tablet' not as big as the monstrosity in my mates Tesla but still big. Then to add to it the 'speedo' dash is this oblong looking thing, both look like someone designed the car and then though B***** forgot the instrument panels so glued some one.

I know they have decent electronic ones as the wifes jag (petrol) has one so why do the car manufactures seem to think everything should look intergalactic?

Rant over, anyone got any views?


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I too am old school. I am going to replace my 63 plate Punto next year, and will refuse even to look at anything with one of the screens on its dash.
I'm not a fan of touchscreens in cars, but I'm whistling in the wind on that one.

However I agree with YMB on Fords though. They make it look like they have glued an iPad onto the dashboard. Surely better to integrate the screen into the facia.

The huge touchscreen in a Tesla is one of the reasons I wouldn't have one. The driver has nothing in front of them, except a steering wheel.
I want proper switches and plenty of them.

Faffing about with heater controls etc is nonsense.
Today I was driving my employer’s new pool car that includes a touch screen tablet to control many things.

To adjust the cabin temperature involved touching a temperature tab, which brought up independent touch areas to increase/decrease the front passenger/driver set temperature. So you cannot make adjustments on the touch display without taking your eyes off the road, whereas I am able to make many adjustments to conventional controls without the need to look directly at them.

No other touch screen functions seemed intuitive; with the radio playing there was no obvious means to reduce the volume. Touching some other area of the display resulted in a host of icons being displayed (much like on a mobile phone/ normal tablet) – I had no idea what any of them did.

Although the vehicle had an analogue speedometer and rev counter, they were computer generated – so once the onboard computer fails, you will have no alternative but to pay £1,000+ for a replacement.
Welcome to today’s AB ‘old farts’ thread.
Oi! We're not as green as we're cabbage smellin'!
I think voice control can work very well for many functions such as music, volume, heating, aircon but it is crucial that other functions can be done immediately using a simple, standardized switch such as turning hazard lights on.
In a Tesla you can programme any seat to make a Whoopee cushion noise. That Elon, he's such a card.
just another electric component to go wrong
At least us old farts have safety when driving as a priority.
Not when you’re changing a cartridge on your 8 track player.
I can’t be doing with all this malarkey. But, remember when cars had the choke jobby? Often used as a handbag holder according to 1970s comedians. I’m glad I don’t have to faff around with that now, at least

As I have said before, the lunatic that came up with the idea of providing a multi-menu touchscreen device in a car which must be used to carry out many of the vehicle's functions should have been sectioned. How cars with this lunacy achieved type-approval is a mystery.
Should never have stopped using starting handles, eh!
I yearn for the days when a bloke walked in front of your vehicle with a sign

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Anyone Else Dislike Those 'Tablets' Stuck Onto Dahboards?

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