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fruitsalad | 20:29 Mon 16th May 2022 | Motoring
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How can I find out the value of a 2004 Mercedes 350 with very low mileage?


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Have a look on Ebay or similar and look for what the same model is selling for.
can you be more specific, C350, E350, SL350.....etc?
let me know the exact model, fuel, transmission, configuration etc.
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Petrol, Automatic
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It's also a 2 door Convertible
assuming everything works (especially the folding roof), no red lights on the diagnostic system and there's no rust dents etc up to around £6500.
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TTT it's in excellent condition so thank you for the info
If it helps I sold a 2003 SL500 about 14 months ago, it had done approx 70k miles, everything worked, but the paint was less that perfect. I got £6k privately. I think yours being the lesser engine but newer, less mileage and better condition would fetch £6500 privately. Don't try a dealer of WBAC etc, they'll low ball you. The problem with those is that they can generate a lot of diagnostics if you let the batteries get low from non use and people often think they are worse problems that they are but a full charge and clear with OBD software will fix most of it.

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Merc 350

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