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Hopkirk | 19:15 Wed 11th May 2022 | Motoring
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I am getting a lease car in a couple of weeks. When it's arrived, I'm going to quickly sell my 7 year old car with average mileage. It will go to webuyanycar, or Motorway.

When I sell it there will be about four months left on the MOT. Would it pay me to get a new 12 month MOT? It should pass a test, but of course you can't be sure.


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In my experience, I'd say 'No' - I sold a 4yo Audi with about 20 minutes left on the MoT via Motorway and they couldn't have cared less - the crucial thing was the bodywork condition and their inspection.
I would be surprised if you got the cost of the MoT back from webuyany car. In other words, they wouldn't give you more than a few pounds more for it with a 12 month rather than a 4 month MoT, certainly not what the test would cost you.
I got a very fair price (considering that I wanted cash as we were leaving the UK and buying our new wheels in Ireland) - very professional outfit.
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Thanks for the advice.

I'll probably sell it as is.
I'm worried the MOT would show up a steering or suspension fault that I wasn't aware of.
You could get a pre-test inspection. If it's a fail sell as is, if it's a pass put a new test on it.
webuyanycar or similar will recycle it through a 2nd hand dealer who would put a new MoT on it anyway.
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That's a possibility
what about a windscreen wiper mark that needs polishing out?
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I would be aware of that, DTC.
Of course you could always hang onto it so that you've got something to use whilst the new electric one is being charged.
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That won't be a problem.
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I'll be laughing next time there are queues at the petrol stations.
I admire your courage; I'll stick to my reliable old diesel, thanks. I had it serviced last week and the man who collected it commented on how well it was running and that they were having trouble with the new electric cars.
Hopkirk - i see you've fallen to the charms of the ' i'm a lease man '
what them? they're just actors (very funny)
if at the dealers they say you could get more if it had a 12 month mot then say ok see you another day and get the mot maybe
it may help if you were selling it privately but WBAC/MW will give you rock bottom regardless, I wouldn't bother.

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