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Squeaky Car Boot

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shivvy | 15:47 Sat 19th Mar 2022 | Motoring
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My car boot opens and closes using a button rather than manually. It has started to squeak as it opens and closes and I would like a bit of advice on how to treat it. I automatically thought of using WD40 but maybe that wouldn't be so good if it is a hydraulic mechanism?


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(if there are no obvious leaks) The hydraulics should be contained - the squeak could be coming from the movement of the pistons/rods. I would try a bit of WD40.
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Ah ok - thanks. So is there anywhere I should or shouldn't spray it?
where the squeak come from
I don't use WD40 for lubrication purposes...I find that a silicone (or PTFE) spray gives better, and longer-lasting, results.
He's talking nonthenthe! Would cars had boots, they would have walked away from him by now. It's better to adopt a horse.
or a horthe ?
Yeth, a horthe (or a horse). Ha ha! A-hee a-hee, I am a man of wit.
His lordship, TherefinedByron, has a point. When I served in the military, I used dubbin on my boots, and very good it was, too, in removing those telltale squeaks that would betray my presence to any who would infiltrate the bounds of my encampment.
Shivvy, you would certainly need some dubbin for your car's boots.
THEREFINEDBYRON, this is not ChatterBank, stick to the topic.
WD40 is a water dispersant (WD). It is not a lubricant nor it is a penetrating oil,.
As already suggested get some silicone spray which will be effective wherever the squeak is coming from.

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Squeaky Car Boot

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