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Car Window Stuck

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Cloverjo | 15:38 Thu 12th Aug 2021 | Motoring
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My Mini’s driver’s side car window is stuck half-open. I’ve looked at various Mini sites and people are suggesting giving the inside door a few whacks. I’ve tried that. I don’t think it’s a fuse gone as I can hear something trying to work inside and the window goes up and down by about an inch.

Any other ideas? How about pouring oil down the opening, or would that gum up the works even more?


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You could try helping it up with a bit of help. With the door open and one hand on each side of the glass get a friend to operate the window switch and try to push the glass upwards. If you can get it to close at least the car is safe when you leave it but you might have to get out at car parks to collect a ticket.
If they are electronically operated, you may have to take it to a garage to get it fixed.
Yes, electrically-operated windows do have a tendency to fail with age...possibly the motor struggling, or more likely the gear mechanism has worn. As suggested, try to get it shut with some manual help.
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Thank you. I’ll try the manual helping along. The car is only 8 years old. You’d think its bits would last longer than that.

The widow was a bit squeaky and slow at the car’s latest service, and the garage wanted £400 to fix it. I said no.
will it go down if so keep doing it a few times, help it up ,then get some silicone spray (tyre black will do its clear anyway) a spray the guide rails either side they can get sticky
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Thanks espresso.
The annoying thing is that this morning I managed to get the window up by pressing the switch and lifting the window, but I then switched it down to check it was working properly. Dummy!
Of course it ended up stuck halfway down again. Grrr.
It’s booked in to be fixed on Tuesday.
Thanks for all replies
Have you asked how much it will cost? I hope it's not £400!
I'm ( educationally guessing ) that this is a problem with the runners that the window runs up and down with, jo. If so it's a fairly easy fix once the door card is off.

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Car Window Stuck

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