Dartford Crossing Account.

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derekpara | 11:41 Sun 12th Jul 2020 | Motoring
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I set up a DartCharge account this morning. Can I use the crossing this evening or will there be a set-up delay ?




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It should be fine. You don't have to pay the charge until midnight the day after you use it anyway so would definitely be live by then.
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Thanks, Prudie. Just as I thought.

think what you are doing for the UK - every day, the weight of 10ps from the Dartford Tunnel toll equates to the weight of the Prime Minister - now isn't that worthy useless information?
Oh DTC, you haven't crossed it for a while have you?

The toll booths were demolished a few years ago. It's all done by camera now.
bitcoins then!!
If you look at your account it'll tell you if you have paid. When I set mine up it was fairly instantaneous.

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Dartford Crossing Account.

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