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Mot 6 Month Extension

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barry1010 | 10:25 Fri 19th Jun 2020 | Motoring
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I understand that due to lockdown my car's MOT will be extended for 6 months. My question is will that MOT be a full 12 month MOT or will the expiry date stay the same?
My car is due for MOT in July, if I get it MOT'd in January will it expire in July 2021 or January 2022?


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I would expect you to get a full 12 months ie, it will expire Jan 2022.
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Thanks, bhg. That's what I'd expect but the government isn't being very clear.
We don't know yet. The Government has said there are further instructions to come.
I would be surprised if in effect we are given a free six months as the country is broke. I would expect we have to keep to the original expiry date but no doubt we'll know soon enough.
If you take your car in late for any reason the new certificate is valid for 12 months from the date of issue, not from the expiry date of the old one; I don't see this as being any different. All they are doing is not prosecuting you if your MoT has expired.
that reminds me, mine is due in July too. I'd rather not have the renewal date in Jan though - I never have any money then!
OK thanks bhg, I didn't know that. I'm amazed we can afford it. I thought we were broke.
Here in NI our mots have been extended by a full 12 months automatically
It's worth reading this:

You can, of course, take your car in for MoT anytime you like; an MoT is always valid for 12 months from the date of issue or from the date of expiry of the old one, with a maximum 13 months validity.
Question Author
I read that before I posted my question, bhg
Hi Barry1010, our car's MOT was due on the 4th May, obviously we couldn't get it done, owing to the lockdown restriction's. It has been serviced & MOT'd this week and we now have a full years MOT on it. Hope that helps clear things up a bit more for you.
Just received an e mail from DVSA that HGV MOT's restart on 4th July. Mines been booked for the 6th July for a year...hope the tester is in a good mood after a long break!
Our MOT runs out on 24th June, and the expiry date for the extension was 22nd June, so therefore we have had to get a new MOT. Check it online, don't get caught out.
January 2022. I had my MOT postponed in March but took it in when the garage started to operate again. My new certificate is June 2021 instead of March 2021.
james nan are you sure about that - from the govt link:
Your MOT certificate will be extended by 6 months if it was due to expire on or after 30 March 2020 and your vehicle is a:
light van
other light vehicle

I can't see anything on the page about there being a date that it stops

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Mot 6 Month Extension

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