Help! - Cant Pull Out My Seatbelt!

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joko | 00:04 Tue 05th Feb 2019 | Motoring
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went to use my car, and the seatbelt would not extend properly - because theres a little plastic stud - thats supposed' to stop the metal clasp from falling down to the bottom of the chair etc, and that is now inexplicably and bizarrely, above the metal clasp! ...
and i absolutely cannot get it back above it!
i sat there for about 30 mins, tugging, twisting, angling etc etc -and nohing!
i even managed to flip the fabric around after much fiddling and forcing it, because the back of the stud seemed a tiny bit smaller than the front - didnt help at all - not even a bit.
the stud will absolutely not go through the slit.

how on earth has this happened?? :o i am astonished.
im quite strong and i pulled and pulled and it wouldnt even budge - the stud is simply too big, and the slit is too thin.

what can i do? i cannot wear the seatbelt at all.

i had to drive to the my doctors to collect my urgent pain relief, and fortunately the route is very simple and quiet, but i still felt 'wrong' and 'unsafe' etc and i really dont want to do it again! obviously!

im thinking i could just sand/slice off some or all of this stud - its only function seems to be to hold the metal part at a height easy to grab, and i can always put another one there -
but im just mystified how it got that way!

anyone know of a trick, a manouvre or something in order to get it back through perhaps?

thanks :)

Its a renault laguna


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Without being there trying things, difficult to say. My suggestion is to pop into the garage and see if they can fix it.
Looks like the plastic stud ( stopper ) splits in two. Try splitting it and then get the belt back into position and replace the stud.
would spinning the bit of the seatbelt which is attached to the car on your shoulder side 360 degrees (either direction) make any difference ??
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ah yes Tonyav - thats the same item, i'll try and prise it apart tomorrow- thanks!

thanks all
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still doesnt explain how it got like that in the first place though! :D
genuine mystery
Bearing in mind that you could be booked until it's fixed, rather than wait for Ebay I'd pop into your local Renault dealer. I suspect they'll do it free; my Volvo dealer did several years ago and it was my fault.
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ive pulled it off. unfortunately part of it pinged off and i dont know where it went - it is grey and the exact same colour as the carpet and seats lol, i will look again in daylight, though i used the car fine without it, it makes no difference really so probably just leave it
Even if you find it it's unlikely it will go back together (mine wouldn't). So long as you can wear the seatbelt you're legal but I'd still go to a dealer when you're passing and see what they say. I got fed up with fiddling to find the buckle on mine as the stud kept it high up and easy to find.

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Help! - Cant Pull Out My Seatbelt!

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