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Subaru Outback Timing Belt.

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sapelesam | 17:22 Sun 12th Mar 2017 | Motoring
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I have a 2006 Outback 3.0Rn that needs a timing (cambelt) belt change, before I contact the garage that services it, can anybody tell me which other parts should be replaced at the same time. I want to be fully informed before I book it in, knowledge is power.


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Replace the water pump, thermostat and super coolant.
Looking on AutoTrader the vehicle is worth £1,500 max, let’s say that a garage wants £500 for the work.

You don’t say whether the belt replacement is due to mileage or time interval; regardless, my advice would be to save yourself £500 and take the risk that the belt does not break over the next few years (given the value of the vehicle).
KJN Replace the water pump, thermostat and super coolant.

Also new ( belt ) tensioners if you decide to have the cambelt changed.
You do not "Risk" not changing the T.Belt, that goes the car is scrap value.
If you happen to be overtaking someone in the outside lane of a motorway at the time the belt snaps, you go to scrap value too.
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Thanks to everbody who took the time to submit an answer, or comment. I had always thought the car had a timing chain but had seen a belt on the front of the engine, this turned out to be an ancilliaries belt and the car does have a chain which will last another 40000 miles. If anybody can find me a showroom condition Outback 3.0Rn for £1500 let me know, I'll buy it tomorrow.

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Subaru Outback Timing Belt.

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